The purpose of the Network Innovation Collaboration Portal

Important aspects of the NIC and NIA funding mechanisms are the:-
  • identification of appropriate external parties (Project Partners) who can address NIC or NIA project needs;
  • establishment of communication between Network Licensees and external parties (Project Partners) to facilitate the development of viable projects.
In order to achieve the above aims the collaboration portal:-
  • allows Project Partners to record their names and contact details in a single repository;
  • allows Project Partners to post brief information about a specific product and/or service area they wish to offer and which meet NIC or NIA eligibility criteria;
  • automatically e-mails alerts to nominated contacts within Network Licensees with the details of any new project proposals from Project Partner organisations;
  • automatically e-mails alerts to nominated contacts within Project Partner organisations with the details of any new Network Licensee invitations expression of interest in partnering on NIA/NIC innovation projects.

Please note that a third party must ensure that they meet the NIA Governance or NIC Governance criteria in order to become a project partner on projects funded via these mechanisms.

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