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28 May 2020
Electricity Distribution

29 Jan 2019
Electricity Distribution
Closed: WPD NIA Call 2019
Following the success of our Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) call last year, which led to the registration of eight third party projects, we are now welcoming third party projects proposals to be funded through the NIA mechanism. In order for a project to qualify for NIA funding it must be suitably innovative that WPD or another Distribution Network Operator (DNO) would not perform it in its course of business due to the commercial, technical, operational or regulatory risks associated with the activity.

We are looking for project proposals based on the following four challenges, Robot Trades, On-street EV Charging, Advanced Fault Level Monitor and Public Charging Infrastructure, which has been taken from our latest Innovation Strategy.

Further information on these four challenges can be found at:  

We are looking for projects ranging in value from £100k to £2.5m and for the submitting party to ensure they include for fully managing and delivering the project proposed.

Please complete this Google Form: by the 1st March 2019 at 12pm to have your project proposal considered.

If any further information is required to support the completion of this form please email:
01332 827446
01332 827446