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16 Sep 2019
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Closed: ENA Gas and Electricity Network Innovation Competition (NIC) Call for Ideas 2019/2020
As part of the Gas and Electricity Network Innovation Strategies, the Great Britain (GB) networks have committed to working closely together to ensure the benefits of new technologies and processes are realised across the whole energy system. The Networks are committed to delivering high-quality innovation projects that deliver value for money for customers, and want to work with other innovators in the energy industry to help deliver this. As such, the networks want to hear about new, innovative and low carbon solutions to the priority areas identified in the network innovation strategies. ENA would like to invite you to propose your innovative project ideas to us so that we can take them forward and trial them on the networks.

The Network Innovation Competition (NIC) is an annual opportunity for gas and electricity network companies to compete for funding for the development and demonstration of new technologies and new operating and commercial arrangements. Funding will be provided for the best innovation projects which help the network operators understand what they need to do to facilitate innovation as GB moves to a low carbon economy. Up to £20 million is available through the gas NIC, and up to £70 million for the electricity NIC. For whole energy system projects, the allocation of funding will depend on the expected benefits of the project.

We strongly value your ideas and to demonstrate our commitment to this call for ideas, the gas and electricity networks will support the highest scoring applicants and work with them to develop their proposals into submissions to the Ofgem competition.

  • Ideas should be submitted using the Google Form by 17:00 Friday 8 November 2019.

  • A guidance document for the ENA Joint NIC Call for Ideas is available here.

  • For reference only, a copy of the full form can be viewed here.

On Wednesday 25 September, ENA are hosted a webinar to share more information about NIC funding, the Call for Ideas and the innovation focus areas within it. A recording of the webinar and the slides are available here on our website.  

We look forward to seeing your ideas. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact We are also holding a webinar on Wednesday 25 September at 10am to share infromation about the Call and answer FAQs. The link to register will be posted here shortly.
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