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13 Oct 2020
Electricity Distribution
Closed: WPD NIA Call 2020 - Energy Transition - Leaving no one behind
Following the success of our previous Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) calls, we are now welcoming proposals focused on Communities and Consumer Vulnerability.

The changes that will be brought by the energy transition will create opportunities for people, making it even more important to ensure that those opportunities are accessible to everyone so that no one is left behind. Therefore, in our new Innovation Strategy we have committed to work with our communities to understand how best we can support our vulnerable customers and ensure that no one is disadvantaged. Our Innovation Strategy can be accessed here: 

We are looking for ideas that can help us:
1. Improve access to smart solutions for all of our customers and develop new solutions to enable the fuel poor to directly benefit from smart technologies and network flexibility opportunities.
2. Better understand how the needs of our vulnerable customers will change in the future and what new processes or systems we need to create to continue offering excellent customer service to our vulnerable customers as their needs change.
3. Create novel ways to support our vulnerable customers through the transition to net zero and understand the role community energy groups can play.

We are looking for projects ranging in scope from research focused projects (expected budget up to 200K) to demonstration projects (ideally up to 800K) and for the submitting party to ensure they include for fully managing and delivering the project proposed.

The successful proposals will be funded by the NIA. In summary, to be eligible for NIA funding projects must present a new and innovative idea that does not duplicate other DNO projects, have the potential to save DNO customers money and generate learning relevant to other DNOs. The detailed eligibility criteria can be found in Ofgem's NIA Governance document here:

Please complete this online form by the 9th of November 2020 (midnight) to have your project proposal considered.

If you need any support to complete this form or finalise your idea please email us at and we will book you a one-to-one slot with one of our innovation engineers.