12 Nov 2020
Electricity Distribution
Amp X
Amp X was created to deliver a disruptive grid edge digital platform allowing all forms of distributed generation and load to make a dynamic contribution in the relevant power markets, whether as an individual unit or as an aggregated group of assets, providing flexibility, resilience and system stability at the lowest possible price. Amp X's smart transformer is an innovative transformer combined with power electronics, state-of-the-art autonomous control and on-board analytics, capable of highly dynamic voltage regulation and power factor optimisation. Their behind-the-meter digital energy assistant (ALICE) is aimed at enabling distributed energy resources (generation and demand) to participate in the provision of balancing services, whether individually or as part of an aggregated offering, ensuring participation of grid-edge assets in commercial and residential premises to play an active role in the energy markets. The ultimate objective is the development of a fully transactive grid, facilitating hyper-local peer-to-peer energy trading, maximising use of renewable energy resources.