29 Oct 2019
Gas Distribution
MW Polymers Ltd
We have manufactured leak sealing and anti-corrosion products for the gas industry for over 40 years, these products are approved to GIS technical performance specifications. Currently we are working on anti-corrosive methods using 3D printed items for gas pipes on multi occupancy building. We have also developed adhesives for reinforcing weakened and leaking PE pipes and fittings. These products were tested to Gas industry standards in 2010. Our current range of products supplied to all the gas networks under long term contracts is capable of sealing hydrogen/ gas mixtures. We have an alternative to anaerobic sealant that is safer to use, reduced cost of disposal and less hazardous on the environment. Using 3D printing technology we an quickly cope with leaks on pipes other than PE and cast iron as well as other pipe furniture. we would like to discuss these developments please.