09 Apr 2020
Power Transition
Power Transition’s intelligent software architecture provides state-of-the-art cybersecurity, generating data to empower people to take control of their energy, cutting costs and enabling the rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy. Power Transition has developed a revolutionary Distributed Energy Resource Management Platform designed to create flexibility and transform how energy is used, managed and traded by network operators, utilities, businesses and individuals alike. Our Product: A transformatory software platform that enables every participant in the energy system to access data and to dynamically track, optimise and balance their energy in real-time and at any scale, from micro-grids to national grids. The Impact: Our platform provides a common language for energy trading that enables millions of buildings, vehicles and devices to become vital parts of the energy system, enabling the transition to a zero-carbon economy. The Opportunity: An inherently scalable solution providing data to connect and optimise energy transactions worldwide, from micro-grids to electric vehicles to energy networks. Our ambition is to become a universal transaction platform for energy systems worldwide – the common operating language providing financial and non-financial reporting for energy trading, distributed energy networks and flexibility services.