28 Jun 2020
Electricity Distribution, Electricity Transmission, Gas Distribution and Gas Transmission
Safetech Global Limited
Appliance Monitoring/Control and Other
SafeTech Global Limited is emerging in the SCADA/ICS/OT security field with OTShield. In today's world, with the transition into Industry 4.0 & Industrial IoT, critical infrastructures have never been more connected. However, increasing connectivity comes with greater threats, and our product, OTShield, is designed to help industrial processes keep up with the ever-changing way malicious actors cause harm. They way we deal with this problem is simple: we combine visibility in the internet, IT and OT space with attacker deception techniques to identify the technique, tactic, and procedure of the attacker and take necessary actions before a disruptive intrusion ever happens. We harvest the power of machine learning to analyze network traffic and aid the automation of detection and prevention.